Race Day Do's & Don'ts

Here are some helpful Do's and Don'ts for Saturday's Events

  • DO wear your helmet during the bike portion with your helmet sticker and chin strap secured.
  • DO come early (6AM) in order to check-in, have your body marked with your race number, and allow for set up time for the race.
  • DO NOT eat junk food that morning or the day before
  • DO drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself the day before the race.
  • DO wear your bib number during the bike and run portion and DO have it in front during the run.
  • DO NOTride side by side during the bike portion. This is very dangerous and it is against USAT rules.
  • DO thank your volunteers. They make this race possible!
  • DO NOT provide any outside assistance to athletes (this pertains to parents). A triathlon is an individual sport and outside assistance is not prohibited. Therefore, no parents, friends, or spectators will be allowed on the course. (If a child is hurt or need assistance, we gladly will accept your help, this pertains more to gaining an advantage.)
  • DO smile at ALL times. This is a big accomplishment!!
  • DO NOT go into the transition area after you finish until after it has been deemed safe by our race crew. (Kids may still be on the race course.)
  • DO stay after you finish. We are handing out prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and we will randomly select bib numbers for door prizes.
  • DO get something to eat. We will provide snacks to refuel you after the race.